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City of Poplarville, Mississippi
200 Highway 26 East
Poplarville, MS 39470
601.795.8161 Phone
601.795.0141 Fax

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Poplarville Planning Commission

Planning Commission

      Janie Richardson, Chairwoman 
      Michele Lewis

      Katrina Mizell

      Daniel Brown
      Marvin Houston

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CITY HALL EMPLOYEES

Jane O'Neal, City Clerk

Linda Dupont, Deputy Clerk

Shelley Bowling, Deputy Clerk

Halee Angelette, Deputy Clerk

Christina Dunston, Court Clerk



      Joe Stuart , Interim Police Chief

      Jonathan Head , Fire Chief

      Sam Hale, Public Works Superintendent ​​





Poplarville Mississippi: Established in 1884 – derived from an early landowner named “Poplar” Jim Smith. - “Poplar” Jim was so named for a stand of Poplar trees on his homestead property in the county. Since the land was owned by Mr. “Poplar” Jim Smith, the county seat was named Poplarville. Poplar, any of several species of trees belonging to the genus Populus of the willow family (Salicaceae). The name Populus refers to the fact that the trees were often planted around public meeting places in Roman times.