City of Poplarville

Job Vacancy Announcement

Fire Department


Position Title:  Fire Chief (Full-Time)

Board Order Authorizing Job Posting:  October 1, 2019

Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Qualifications: Must be experienced in firefighting. Must have all appropriate professional certificates from the Mississippi State Board of Minimum Standards and Training, or equivalent. Must possess leadership qualities conductive to supervision of personnel and public relations.

Salary:  Not to Exceed $45,500


Reports to:  Mayor and Board of Aldermen

                    City Clerk in financial and leave matters


Primary Functions: Control and supervise all firefighters.


Duties: Supervision, maintenance, and/or performance of the following:


ü  Overseeing and maintaining a balanced budget

ü  Submission of purchase requisitions for various supplies and services

ü  Submit information relating to the approval of training for Fire Department personnel and other matters to the City Clerk to be included on the agenda for approval by the Board of Aldermen

ü  All fire, emergency and rescue related scenes

ü  Coordinate volunteer firefighters

ü  Enforcement of all fire codes and ordinances

ü  Maintain fire vehicles and equipment

ü  Record maintenance performed on vehicles, equipment, etc.

ü  Maintain fire records

ü  Fire hydrant maintenance and flow testing coordinated with the Superintendent

ü  Public relations

ü  Submit monthly reports to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to including all fire and medical calls

ü  Submit a list to the Payroll Clerk of the names of all firefighters each time a firefighter is added or deleted from the list (full and part time) indicating the status of the employee and the date of the change in status (new hire, resignation, termination, part time to full time, full time to part time, etc.) within five days of the action being taken by the Board of Aldermen

ü  Any duties as assigned by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen


Terms of Employment: Salary


Pursuant to Section 21-3-5 of the Mississippi Code of 1972 annotated, from and after the expiration of the terms of present municipal officers, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen shall have the power and authority to appoint such officers and employees as may be necessary, and to prescribe the duties and fix the compensation such officers and employees. All officers and employees so appointed shall hold office at the pleasure of the governing authorities and may be discharged by such governing authorities at any time, either with or without cause. The terms of office and employment of all officers and employees so appointed shall expire at the expiration of the term of office of the governing authorities making the appointment, unless such officers or employees shall have been sooner discharged. Continuation of appointment made under authority of the two foregoing sections is at will of the governing authorities and may be terminated at any time during such period with or without cause.​

City of Poplarville

Job Vacancy Announcement

Police Department


Position Title:  Police Officer (2 Full-Time Positions Open)

Board Order Authorizing Job Posting:  October 1 and 15, 2019

Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Duties: Must be capable of performing all duties assigned by the Chief of Police, including but not limited to the following:  Traffic enforcement and control, criminal investigations, enforcement of all City ordinances, and any additional duties assigned by the Chief of Police.  Deter crimes and assure community through high-visibility policing, Patrol assigned areas and monitor activities to protect people/property, Investigate crimes and apprehend suspected law violators, Observe and respond to various situations or emergencies, Follow rules, guidelines, policies and protocols, Gather evidence and ensure successful prosecutions, Produce internal reports and provide feedback on case status, Deal with case paperwork and administrative procedures, Foster good public relationships and liaise with community groups or individuals, Coordinate operations with other emergency services, Attend and provide evidence and testimony in court, Perform any other duties assigned by the Chief of Police.

Qualifications: Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and be a resident of the State of Mississippi, and; A High School Diploma or GED notarized by issuing institution or school board is required. Correspondence or mail-order high school diplomas are not accepted. Advanced academic education completion from an accredited institution in related areas such as criminal justice is recommended, but not required.  Individual must have attended the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy, or equivalent, or have proof of similar military training.  Must have and maintain a current, professional certificate from the Board on Law Enforcement Standards and Training. Or be able to obtain one within one year of employment.  It would be advantageous for individuals considered to possess average to above average computer skills, to include the use of Microsoft Office Suite and the use of email, and law enforcement software.  A Minimum of three years’ experience in policing with progressive responsibilities is desired. An awareness of federal and state laws and knowledge of court and law enforcement operations is desired.  Candidates must have the capability to interact with other City employees and individuals in a professional and cordial manner, as the situation warrants.  Applicant must be capable of being bonded.

Compensation:  Compensation will be at the rate of $16.31 per hour.

Background Checks: A criminal background check will be conducted.  A department of motor vehicles background check will be conducted to verify that the City’s insurance carrier can insure applicant. Applicant must have current Mississippi driver’s license. 

How to Apply: Resume with a completed application must be submitted to City Hall, City of Poplarville, 200 Highway 26 East, Poplarville, MS   39470. Applications may be obtained from the City Clerk, (601) 795-8161.

Following an offer of employment and prior to starting work, an individual must have a pre-employment physical examination and drug test performed by a physician designated by the City. The examination will be paid for by the City.

The City is not required to interview applicants not meeting the basic requirements for the position.  The granting of an interview is not to be considered an offer of employment. 

The City of Poplarville considers applicants for all positions without regard to:  race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. The City of Poplarville is a "Drug-Free Workplace” and a “Smoke-Free Workplace.”.